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Corporate Gifts That Makes Your Client Remember You Throughout The Year

Corporate gifts are gifts given by companies to their employees or clients or customers as a sign of thankfulness, gratitude, goodwill and appreciation. These gifts are often given during corporate events. A lot of precautions are taken while giving a corporate gift because if it is taken in a negative manner, it can cause bad reputation to the company and potentially loss of clients. When you are giving a corporate gift, you represent the company and give a gift on its behalf. Certain gifts are forgettable and do not represent the company well, thus it is very important to give gifts which have long lasting effects. Here are a few gifts which can make your client remember throughout the year-

Steel Vacuum Flask

Flasks are one of the most commonly used indoor and/ or outdoor items. Whether you go on a picnic, party, conference or any event, it is common to carry a flask. However, over time flasks can get damaged. Steel vacuum flasks are heavy duty flasks with a high durability and can last for many years. Thus, giving a flask as a gift makes the gift practical and valued. Moreover, steel flasks can also be personalized with a company logo giving it a personal touch.

Luggage Strap With Weight Scale

Luggage strap with a weight scale is one of the best corporate gifts you can give to top executives. Top executives and VIPs are often required to travel from one place to another for meetings, conferences and events, so they are always travelling and sometimes they might not have time to plan carefully. A luggage strap with an inbuilt weight scale is a huge advantage for those who travel frequently. Luggage straps can also be personalized with name, company and logo making it easier for the executive to identify it.

Reverse Umbrella

In countries like Singapore where rainfall is unpredictable, you are in constant need to protect yourself. A reverse umbrella is a lightweight quick to dry portable umbrella. This is a perfect corporate gift due to its high usability. It is also a preferred corporate gift by many corporations as it is cost effective.

Phone Stand

A phone stand is one of the best corporate gifts as it is easy to carry and maintain and has huge usability in our day to day activities. Since modern phones are almost an integral part in our lives, losing or damaging a phone can cause a lot of problems. Thus, most companies prefer giving phone stands as corporate gifts. These phone stands can also be packed in custom tote bags before being presented as corporate gifts.

While giving a corporate gift, try to keep utility in mind. Since most employees and clients expect a gift which they can use in day to day activities, generally cost is not a major factor compared to the practicality of the gift. Moreover, giving a long lasting gift makes the receiver happier. If you are unsure whether it is a good gift or not, try to imagine that you are receiving the same gift and think how you feel. But if you are still unsure thereafter, then consult an experienced corporate gifts supplier such as https://www.axxel.biz/.