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How to Research & Plan Videos to Promote your Online Halal Guide Site

Online Halal guides are becoming increasingly popular over the last few years, with some of the popular ones providing content on various topics including halal food, Muslim friendly accommodations and Islamic holidays. With nearly 1.6 billion Muslim worshippers across the globe, it comes as no surprise that many online guides are popping up each and everyday . However, if you plan to launch an online Halal guide and stand out from the rest, then you should consider adding videos to your site. Let’s look at how you can research and plan videos to promote your online Halal guide site.

Research and Planning

The research aspect of creating video is pretty much similar to how you would research content for articles. Since you will be curating content on Muslim related places, food, accommodations, amenities and more, then, what better way to get inspirations and ideas, then to go directly to Halal guide websites such as HalalGo?

Go visit these websites and blogs, and sign up for their newsletters (where applicable). Run through the various email messages they send you through their newsletters. Also, go through their various articles and content in all the different Muslim related topics and categories.

Subsequently, summarise the key points of the articles or content, and utilise them to form the basis of similar unique video content or scripts of your own. If you feel that you still need more information or inspiration, then conduct more research on search engines such as Google, and Yahoo.

Once you are done with the research, move on to plan your video content. You can start by preparing a list of related themes accompanied by key points. From each key point, branch out to a minimum of 3 or more sub points. If it helps, you can choose to plan by using a concept or mind map, flowchart, point forms or whichever method suits you well.

Prepare a Video Script

To write a simple video script, you can start by opening a new notepad file or any writing software document on your computer or if you prefer, take out a physical notebook and a pen or pencil. Write an introduction about who you are, what you are doing and promoting, and your website.

Next, type, copy and paste or write the pointers from the research section above in your writing software document or notebook. Rephrase each pointer until it becomes a complete sentence. Do not worry too much if the sentence sounds simple just as long as it is comprehensible. Elaborate on each point sentence by adding 3-4 sub-pointers and then rephrase these sub-pointers until they make complete sentences.

At the end, thank the viewer for watching your video and recommend them to check out your website for more information, free stuff, et cetera. Check the script carefully for any mistakes and read it through at least once to see if it is easy to understand.

Of course, the next step is to make and compile the video using suitable video equipment and editing software. You can either download these softwares from suitable websites or go to video editing websites and do the video making process online.