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How Technology is Revolutionising the Bubble Tea Industry In Singapore 

You probably heard the word technology very often in your life, but what exactly is technology? In simple layman terms, technology is basically the use of proven scientific theories and knowledge for practical reasons, more so in various industries such as food and beverage, retail, manufacturing and so on.

Technology is so predominant in our lives today that we can see its applications and how it affects every aspect of our lives from schools, businesses, industries, mass media, to the very homes we live in. In fact, it is now being used by one of the most popular areas in the food and beverages industry in Singapore, which is bubble tea. Here’s how technology is revolutionising the bubble tea industry in Singapore.

Advanced Websites
Many bubble tea companies have now embraced the technological advancements of the internet, and taken their bubble tea businesses online. They have engaged digital marketing vendors to create state of the art ecommerce websites to sell their bubble tea products. These websites will display the bubble tea products in an aesthetically pleasing manner, and use infographics to explain the process to easily order the bubble tea online. In addition, some of these websites also come with frequently asked questions (FAQs) sections to explain details, and even online chat softwares installed, to communicate with leads, answer queries and provide support.

Online Marketing
Many bubble tea shops and delivery services are adopting modern online marketing methods like search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads and Facebook marketing to promote their websites, rank high on search engines, drive more traffic and exposure to the websites, and increase leads and ultimately sales. They are willing to invest large sums of money into online marketing as many of them now realise the full potential that online marketing technologies can bring to their overall bottom line.

State of the Art Machines
Bubble tea shops now use modern machines to make their bubble tea concoctions, and even apply sealants on the top of their plastic cups. While workers are still required to be physically present to operate them, these machines have greatly cut down the preparation and serving time of the bubble tea drinks. Once an order is made, all the worker has to do is just pour all the necessary ingredients into the machines, press some buttons and within minutes, the bubble tea drink is ready to be served to the customer. Gone are the days where workers have to painstakingly prepare the drinks by hand and take very long periods of time to do so.

While the technological trends mentioned above are changing the bubble tea industry, of course you still have to get in touch with a bubble tea shop or delivery service if you want to get your favourite bubble tea drinks and savour them as you get on with your day. If you are unsure of which bubble tea shop to choose from, then go to Foodpanda  website and app. They have a wide selection of bubble tea drinks from some of the most popular brands in Singapore like Koi, Chi Cha San Chen, and others. What’s more, with Foodpanda’s remarkable bubble tea delivery service, you can rest assured that your favourite bubble tea drink will reach your location in less than 30 minutes after you place the order online.