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Topics Every Fashion Lover Should Know About

When you proclaim that you are a fashion lover, many questions come your way. You will answer a few most definitely, and would have no idea about many others – which should not happen. So, in this article, we are going to equip you with the right knowledge about the common topics that come up in a fashion lover’s conversations. We will provide you with the most suitable answers to all the questions that will come your way.

Here are the amazing topics and answers that will clarify things in your head.

Not Only Names Will Do.
You will commonly be asked about who are your favorite fashion designers. This might be the first question after you let everyone know that you are a fashion lover. You should not only name famous fashion designers like Humberto Leon, Alexander Wang or Carol Lim, but you also should be able to construct a list of why you like those fashion designers. When you mention a famous fashion designer’s name, you should be able to name his or her successful collections, shows and masterpieces.

Development of Fashion through Different Cultures and Ages
When you sit among the intellectuals, you will be asked about the development of fashion over the years. This is not a tough question if you are a true fashion lover. But if you are prepared to answer this question, your answer should be more impressive and splendid. You should start answering by explaining the latest fashion trends. Next, you can speak about how fashion ranging from a blouse, shirt to an abaya dress has been modernized and developed through ages and cultural constraints. We advise you to research and read interesting online articles before you construct your answers.

Eco-Friendly Clothing: What Is It?
When somebody talks about eco-friendly clothing, you would definitely only think about clothes that are biodegradable. But eco-friendly clothing is also related to the manufacturing practices of the clothes. Garment industries are the largest contributors of the national GDPs. You should read about sustainable fashion to understand more about it.

Technology and the Fashion World
When this debate comes up, you are required to talk about the variant levels of the market. Afterward, you can talk about the consequences of fast fashion on fashion designs. For this particular topic, you should go through the positive and negative effects of the technology on the fashion industry. You should have a basic understanding of fashion and how technology affects it.

Names of the Fashion Shows
You should know about all the fashion shows that occur in the top capitals of the fashion world. On top of that. you must follow their trends and the top names so as to verify the statement that you are a fashion lover. Pre-Fall Collection Show (January), Couture Collection Show (July), Summer Collection Show (May, Resort Collection Show (May) and Winter Collection Show (February and March) are some of the important fashions shows. Four fashions weeks take place in New York City, Milan, Paris and London.

If you are an avid fashion lover, you should know about these topics. If you do not, research about them and it will interest and benefit you greatly.